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Payment and returns


Silvettia925 only accepts payments with Paypal to ensure your security. This allows to pay from your Bank Account, Credit Card or Paypal Balance. Payments  will show in your credit card statement or bank account statement as SIlvettia 925.


All items are depicted accurately with correct measures, dimensions and weight for our customers to make an informed choice.Please read carefully and if necessary, we provide instructions on how to measure at home necklaces and bracelets BEFORE you place your order. We  package the items to make sure you receive them in perfect conditions. Hower, in the case you receive a damaged product or you decide to return it, please refer to our return policies below.


It  is broken or has a loose part (in necklaces or earrings some of its part is loose or fel off) This is very unlikely but if it happens please report it immediately.


Silver tends to oxidize in the presence of oxygen. Your items are packaged inside a plastic bad (not very nice but very useful to prevent getting stained too soon.) inside its beautiful case. IN case your item looks a little stained, we provide a  cloth with silver polisher so you can clean it. Oxidized silver (pieces with black parts)  DO NOT NEED TO USE THIS CLOTHE or they will get DAMAGED or get a yellowish look. Please read the section care to fin out more.


1) Shipping costs are not refundable. This applies to orders of $200.00 USD or less, where you paid $20.00 USD for shipping costs. Tariffs and/or taxes  you paid are not refundable by us, since they were paid in your country and to the courier company

2) We will only accept an item that has not been worn. You most notify us within 24hrs. upon receiving your package that you want to return it. 

3) Send a picture of the item (visible in all its parts) If it is scratched or has signs of use we can not accept it.

4) we will provide instructions on how to return it to Mexico.

5) once we receive the item back in Mexico, we will make a refund of the total price minus initial shipping payment and return shipping payment to your PayPal account.


6) We want you to have a nice experience with Silvettia925, please take into account that this process may take some time, since the item most be returned into MEXICO and be processed at Mexican border by Mexican customes authorities, but we will make our best effort to make it as smooth as possible AS LONG AS YOU ARE RETURNING THE PIECE INTACT or REPORT THE DAMAGE upon receiving it. To guarantee that we will receive the item, you will be instructed to send it by FEDEX, DHL or UPS with a tracking number. In the unlikely case that the item is lost during the transit, we will assist you to make a claim for the. insurance of the piece.


WE will replace it as soon as we get your damaged product back and you notify us immeditely upon receiving it  or we make a refund of your order, including shipping costs if yourr initial order was under 180 USD. contact us for instructions.


Please ship the product back to us
Upon receiving your product  and accept that it has no t been worn, we will credit you back into your paypal account minus the initial shipping cost (if your initial order was of less than 180 USD) Shipping cost back to Mexico is paid by you

email us with any concerns and questions you may have.

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